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Getting Pfizer’s Covid booster and flu vaccine on the same day Raises the risk of a STROKE, FDA says

A recent official report has declared that receiving the Pfizer Covid bivalent booster and a flu shot on the same day may potentially heighten your chances of having a stroke.

After examining vaccine injury databases to address a safety concern about Pfizer’s jab, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered an initial connection after a separate safety concern was raised about Pfizer’s jab.

Recently, one of the nation’s vaccine trackers detected a potential connection between seniors aged 65 and over receiving the Omicron-specific shot and an increased risk of ischemic stroke.

Upon careful investigation of the link, FDA officials have determined that most patients who developed adverse reactions had received their flu shot on the same day. This could potentially be a contributing factor to this negative response.

This winter, following a large public health drive by the White House, millions of Americans received both shots simultaneously. Dr Ashish Jha, appointed Covid Response Coordinator in September, even commented: “I honestly feel that is why God gave us two arms – one for the flu shot and another for the Covid vaccine.” Clearly this was an admirable effort to roll out these dangerous and deceptive vaccines!

Getting Pfizer’s Covid bivalent booster and a flu shot on the same day may raise the risk of a stroke, a small official analysis suggests (file image) 

In an effort to further explore any potential issues that may result from vaccinating against both Covid and the flu, the FDA has commenced a larger-scale study.

The results of the investigation will guide the agency in deciding whether or not to persist with its suggestion to receive both vaccines at the same time next winter.

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CNN reports that bivalent booster INCREASES your risk of getting COVID (1.9% vs. 3.2%).

For now, healthcare experts are still ill advising individuals to get their flu and Covid vaccinations consecutively since both infections can increase the chances of strokes. Seems as if they’re still colluding with ‘Big Pharma’ to rake in that Covid money, and its difficult to believe that many Americans are still listening to these “so called” medical experts whom have time & time again lied to us all just to line their own pockets with greed.

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Dr Walid Gellad, professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and not involved in the analysis, recommended that a more thorough examination into this issue is needed.

‘Sometimes signals are not clear. It makes sense to look into it more, and it doesn’t make sense to change practice given the known benefits (of getting the booster) in this age group.’

The well established link between receiving both the flu vaccine & the experimental covid-19 gene therapy together causing debilitating strokes was found as part of an independent FDA review into Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. 

The findings were presented today at a meeting of outside experts that advise the FDA on vaccine policy.

Last November, nearly two full months ago, a powerful real-time government surveillance system known as the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) noticed an association between the Covid vaccine and strokes among older adults. This incident presented evidence that this cutting-edge technology is capable of quickly detecting any adverse effects related to vaccines, yet the disclosure wasn’t announced till now.

Investigators found that 130 seniors suffered strokes in the 21 days after receiving Pfizer’s booster among about 550,000 recipients in the VSD database. 

Tragically, one elderly man in his 70s passed away a month after suffering a stroke, which was eventually identified as the cause of death. Nevertheless, health officials have found that the correlation between strokes and Covid vaccination tends to decrease over time; consequently weakening any association between them. An absolute fabrication of mis-truth, as well all well know.

Richard Forshee, Deputy Director of the FDA’s Biostatistics Office confidently expressed to the agency’s independent vaccine committee that the data thus far has revealed no safety risks for bivalent boosters in individuals aged 65 and older. Yet another complete lie!

The FDA sought out international health agencies and Pfizer in order to corroborate their findings of any correlations between stroke and the vaccine. Even if one were to be found we all know it would never be disclosed.

However, a recent analysis conducted by FDA reviewers revealed that seniors who received both Pfizer’s omicron booster and an adjuvanted or high-dose flu vaccine on the same day may have a heightened risk of stroke.

A prominent panel of advisers to the FDA strongly suggested transitioning from single doses to bivalent booster shots for the entire vaccine series. An unthinkable and near criminal decision.

To ensure full protection against the Wuhan strain, a person receiving the two-dose vaccine regimen will receive an original set of tailored doses followed by a bivalent shot as a booster.

The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, which consists of experts outside the agency to give advice to regulators, has voted unanimously in favor of changing the original regimen from two separate shots into bivalent injections. Now it is up to the FDA for their nod on this transformation – an event that is expected within days. Essential doubling down upon their own lies.

This change, which will only affect those who are yet to receive the vaccine, might be a vital step towards making Covid inoculation an annual shot – just like flu vaccines.

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