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Dr. Harriet Hall, Staunch Critic of Anti-Vaxxers and Alternative Medicine, DIES SUDDENLY in Her Sleep

Last week, Dr. Harriet “The SkepDoc” Hall, an author of a science medicine blog disparaging anti-vaxxers & criticing alternative medicine – DIED SUDDENLY in her sleep.

Dr. Hall, a retired Air Force physician and flight surgeon, writes blogs about pseudoscience & questions alternative health practices.

“This is Kirk Hall, Harriet’s husband. I know Harriet’s work was followed and admired by many of you. It is with great sadness that I must tell you my beloved wife passed away quietly and unexpectedly in her sleep last night,” Harriet’s husband wrote on Facebook.

“At this moment, she would probably simply ask you to have a kind thought for her, be kind to each other and continue to support her belief in the truth,” the post added.

“As managing editor of Science-Based Medicine, I am greatly saddened to have to announce to our readers that Dr. Harriet Hall passed away unexpectedly last night,” said Ron Jette,  managing editor of Science-Based Medicine.

Ron Jette shared the news of Dr. Hall’s passing with in an email.

It is with profound sadness that I report to you that my good friend, Dr. Harriet “SkepDoc” Hall, passed away in her sleep quietly and unexpectedly last night in Seattle.

Kirk Hall, Harriet’s husband, has kindly allowed me to notify you of Harriet’s passing.

We were currently working on the January edition of the newsletter and that final edition will be delivered within the next few days.

If, like her, you believe in truth and science-based medicine—and I know you do—please have a kind thought for her. I will miss her dearly and I know you will, too.

Dr. Harriet Hall advocated vigorously for the vaccine mandate and disregarded all-natural remedies.

“Are you contemplating getting a second booster for COVID-19? Check out my SkepDoc’s Corner at Skept Inquirer to find out why I say your decision should be a resounding YES!” she wrote in a post.

Below are some of her blog posts:

Following her sudden death, many questioned if the Covid vaccine had any involvement. Dr. Hall made it known that she received her third dose of the Pfizer COVID shot back in 2021.

“My husband and I (both well over 65) just got our third dose of COVID vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is free at Safeway for everyone. Very convenient and only a short wait. No appointment needed.”

The scientific community and Dr. Hall’s widow were livid about the assertion that her death was linked to her COVID vaccine.

“After Dr. Harriet Hall died last week, antivaxxers started blaming COVID vaccines.” Science Based Med’s Dr. David Gorski goes beyond his anger to explain this conspiracy theory, according to his tweet.

“After I got over the initial shock and sadness that hit me after I learned of the unexpected death of our friend and colleague Dr. Harriet Hall last week, I must confess that, as was the case with Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac arrest that was most likely from commotio cordis, my next thought was how long it would be before antivaxxers started blaming her unexpected passing on COVID-19 vaccines,” Gorski wrote.

In response to the report, Kirk Hall — husband of Dr. Hall — intervened.

“The antivaxxers are a loathsome, despicable group who seem to be able to plumb the deepest levels of depravity to push their agenda. Harriet had been in delicate health for many years before the Covid-19 pandemic. Several years ago I took over all household chores after she experienced blackouts and fell in San Francisco and at SeaTac within a week. Recently Harriet’s doctor at Madigan Army Medical Center was having her worked up for possible congestive heart failure. A very recent echocardiogram (we have not received the full results) showed she had leakage in two of her heart valves. She also had a transient heart arrythmia which was of many years’ duration. Neither one of us have had Covid-19 and Harriet’s exposure to life outside the home had for the last several years, been limited to visits to her doctor and dentist.”

As news of Dr. Hall’s passing spread across social media, people from all over the world shared their tributes.

However, I expect many more proponents of the quadruple boosted to continue to DIE SUDDENLY and will not be surprised by the least, when they do. Even the most recent science says so.

CNN is now reporting that bivalent booster INCREASES your risk of getting COVID (1.9% vs. 3.2%). You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. It would have been so much worse for her had she not been vaccinated and boosted……Live by the vax, die by you know the thing.

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