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17-Year Old collapses and dies suddenly from potential “heart attack or blood clot” while practicing for an upcoming golf tournament.

Tyler Erickson (Source: WJHG-TV)

Tyler Erickson (Source: WJHG-TV)

A senior high school student at Holmes County High School in Florida was discovered lifeless on a golf course due to a “heart attack or blood clot” while preparing for an upcoming golf tournament, according to his family’s account.

Tyler Erickson passed away on Monday evening, two days before his birthday. He was 17.

Tyler Erickson with his parents. (Source: Clint Erickson Facebook)
Tyler Erickson with his parents. (Source: Clint Erickson Facebook)

“My son Tyler came home after playing golf and decided after drinking some water and getting hydrated he was going back out on the course. This time he took the golf cart,” Tyler’s father, Clint Erickson, stated on his Facebook account.

“He looked and seemed pretty normal but was a little exhausted. After talking about his golf game in the driveway, he drove off back onto the course telling me he loved us. That was the last words he spoke to me.”

“As the sun started to set I noticed he hadn’t got back to me and his mother decided to go look for him. We pulled up the location on the phone and determined he was at hole 6 near Robin Hood ln. We pulled up and saw the cart but not him.

After getting closer, we noticed he was slumped over on the floorboard of the golf cart. His body was lifeless I pulled him out and gave him CPR as his mom started looking for help. He had already gone to be with his lord and saver. After getting to the hospital, the doctor believes he might have had a heart attack or blood clot. I requested an autopsy.”

“This is one of those situations you stand back and pray and cry and pray again. I don’t understand why. I just know my Tyler will be missed by his family and friends. Please keep us in prayer,” the grieving father said.

The people of Holmes County are grieving the loss of a talented athlete and top student. Tributes have poured in from all over following Tyler’s death.

“My heart goes out to the Erickson family and I pray for my class that has already experienced so much loss in a matter of months. You were so excited to be able to lead the Florida State Beta Convention as President this winter and our little show choir group was beyond proud to be right by your side,” Kinsley Cook, Tyler’s friend wrote.

Tyler’s girlfriend Halee Inez Terry shared: “There is so much I have left to say to you, but for now, this will do. I love you.”

Many people gathered at Dogwood Lakes Golf Course to pay tribute to Tyler.

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