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Private School That Gave Students Sex Toys Backed by Foundation of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s Trans Sibling

Francis W. Parker School, located in Chicago and recently exposed for providing sex toys to its students, has been receiving a substantial sum of financial support from the foundation run by a transgender billionaire.

Project Veritas’ investigation uncovered that a particular Chicago private school administrator had been teaching students about “queer sex”.

On camera, Dean of Students Joe Bruno confessed to welcoming members from an LGBTQ+ Health Center, who were “passing around dildos and butt plugs” as well as discussing “using lube versus using spit” with those as young as 14-years-old.

The school, which is officially recognized by the renowned National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), has been devoted to a Critical Race Theory program, even setting up an affinity group club for kindergarteners that prohibits white students from joining.

Breitbart News uncovered that the NAIS was actively trying to impose its “queer inclusive curriculum” on pre-kindergarten children. In response, parents who self-identify as The Undercover Mothers formed a network dedicated to standing up against this form of woke indoctrination.

Breitbart News uncovered that the Francis W. Parker School was given $45,000 at least from the Tawani Foundation, a progressive foundation founded by billionaire Col. Jennifer Pritzker – formerly known as James Pritzker before transitioning to become female. Interestingly enough, she is also related to J.B., the Democrat Governor of Illinois who happens to be her cousin!

The Tawani Foundation’s grants page showcases the long-standing relationship between them and Francis W. Parker School, having generously donated to the school since 1995 – with their most recent grant in 2015 supplying $5,000!

In 2017, a generous $10,000 grant was awarded to the “Principals Fund for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion,” according to the school’s website. Fast forward four years to 2021 where another $10,000 contribution went towards general operating support of this very same institution.

In 2017, the Tawani Foundation was declared to be the fifth largest donor of LGBT-related causes amongst private foundations – donating a total amount of $1.6 million that year! This generosity put them at the top for aiding and advocating for social justice within this community.

The Francis W. Parker School honors the legacy of Jennifer Pritzker’s relative, Robert A. Pritzker, with their “Robert A. Pritzker Visiting Scientist” program – an annual event now in its 16th year! This year’s visiting scientist is Dr. Mika Tosca, a shining example of courage and self-identification for individuals all around the world who identify as women.

Tosca has made highly objectionable sexual comments on Twitter, including speaking of “doing excessive amounts of party drugs off the toilet seat” and engaging in intimate activities with “every man who had a heartbeat.”

An investigation conducted by Breitbart News uncovered that the Tawani Foundation has donated a minimum of $25,000 to Harbor Camps – an overnight camp intended specifically for children as young as eight who identify themselves as transgender. In 2016, the Tawani Foundation generously donated $1 million to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to provide funding for their remarkable “Gender and Sex Development Program.” This program provides a range of medical treatments, such as suppression of puberty, hormone therapy and even referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.

Pritzker has apparently been vigorously inserting gender ideology and pro-transgender instruction into public as well as private schools. Moreover, according to Chris Rufo’s report, the children’s hospital collaborated with local school districts to incorporate gender teaching within their curriculum.

An in-depth report on the Pritzker family’s involvement with advancing transgenderism reveals that Jennifer Pritzker has a monetary interest in the medical field. As stated within its pages:

Tawani Enterprises, the private investment counterpart to the philanthropic foundation, invests in and partners with Squadron Capital LLC, a Chicago-based private investment vehicle that acquires a number of medical device companies that manufacture instruments, implants, cutting tools, and injection molded plastic products for use in surgeries.

Breitbart News has extensively revealed the links between several medical and pharmaceutical institutions, and pro-transgender organizations.

The GenderCool Project, a nonprofit dedicated to normalizing transgender identification among kids, was sponsored by AbbVie Inc., a medical corporation that produces drugs commonly used as puberty inhibitors.

Furthermore, various children’s hospitals across the nation which deliver “gender-affirming care” sponsored pride parades.

A number of the heads of gender clinics at children’s hospitals have accepted money from AbbVie Inc. and Endo Pharmaceuticals, both companies that manufacture drugs known to be commonly used off-label as puberty blockers.

In recent years, puberty blocker businesses have funded numerous medical establishments that endorse the use of medical interventions for minors self-identifying as transgender – with puberty blockers being a pivotal component in this treatment.

The Francis W. Parker School did not provide any feedback when approached for a statement.

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