• Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

A virology professor who was apart of the group that approved the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines died last suddenly week.

Dr. Almyra Oveta Fuller, a highly respected and well-known associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan, passed away this past Friday at 67 years old.

Reports say Fuller died of an illness “unrelated to COVID,” though no more information is given on the circumstances surrounding her death.

Dr. Fuller served on the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee for a few years where they approved COVID-19 vaccines and boosters in the United States that only required emergency authorization.

In the following video from December 2020, Dr. Fuller is discussing the FDA’s potential approval of an EUA for Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr. Fuller has been a supporter of vaccines in the past, as her tweets show. In addition, she believes that Covid-19 vaccinations should be added to the list of required shots for students in order to attend public school, which is already recommended by the CDC.

Here she recommends that pregnant women get the Covid vaccine:

Back in March 2021, the doctor argued that all three experimental Covid vaccines were safe and effective. She said that they had passed all of the safety tests with flying colors and that he would recommend them to anyone who asked.

Dr. Fuller also said that being “fully vaccinated” is a major way to help reduce Covid levels, or at least manage living with it until levels are lower.

In another tweet, she falsely stated that the Covid vaccine was “NOT mRNA gene therapy.”

After the FDA approved third doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, virologist Peter Hotez did a “victory dance.”

Dr. Fuller was also worried about the black community’s vaccine hesitancy.

In November 2021, Dr. Fuller told The Michigan Daily why she voted to approve Covid vaccines for children aged 5-11:

Based on the data that was presented for the clinical trials with 5- to 11-year-olds, as well as the rollout effects of the Pfizer vaccine over the last 10 months in millions of people, the benefits seem to far outweigh the risk. So I voted yes, to make that available as something that parents who choose to have their children vaccinated can do. My opinion was not so much to make it mandatory but to make it accessible.” – Dr. Fuller

Given that the professor was such a big fan of the experimental jabs, it’s likely she followed CDC vaccine recommendations and it can be assumed that she had gotten up to five doses of the Covid vaccine before her death.

Tragically, we may never know if vaccines played a role in this woman’s death, due to the near-complete black out of information surrounding her passing. Until we have more answers, we can only attribute this to another baffling case of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

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