• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
NIH-Funded DARPA Program Uses Injectable Nanotechnology to Connect the Brain to the Digital World

The government and Big Tech have been working together to shove transhumanism down our throats, creating a race of hybrids that they can control with the click of a button. Joe Biden’s recent executive order has launched this issue into the forefront. A decision that one acted upon, will not be able to be rolled back.

Karen Kingston exposed a DARPA program that is funded by the NIH which wishes to inject nanotechnology into people so they can have a “data-transfer bandwidth between the brain and the digital world.”As Mark Zuckerberg stated on The Joe Rogan Experience, they perceive full reality to be a combination of the physical and digital spheres.

Below is Kingston’s post discussing this problematic program:

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative is a DARPA (neuroweapons) program that uses nanotechnology to provide a synthetic neural network inside the human nervous system.Nanotechnology can be delivered through an injection and is able to receive data and commands via high-bandwidth signals (optics). Below are screenshots from the BRAIN Initiative from DARPA’s website.

You can also see the original budget for the CURES Act that was released in 2016. They burned right through that money incredibly fast!

Isn’t the NIH violating our Constitutional Right to Privacy by funding this type of work? The Left sees no issue with government organizations being able to mentally invade your thoughts and read them, but they use the right to privacy argument when it justification for murdering babies.

Our government is spiraling out of control. They are constantly striving for more power, and this latest development will be a stepping stone towards their eventual goal of complete control. Imagine if someone could access your thoughts – what could they do with that information? Will this program allow them to change your memories like Elon Musk is researching, control your thoughts like Yuval Noah Harari says they can… or will they be able to read your mind and know every thought you have.

It’s hard to believe that something like this would happen in real life, and not just in a science fiction film. THIS IS REAL LIFE!

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