• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Sheriff’s Deputies Surround Maricopa County Tabulation Center, With SWAT Perched On Roof, Barricades & Fence Set Up Around Perimeter

Maricopa County is still counting the votes from Tuesday’s botched Primary Election, and they have secured the perimeter of their tabulation center using multiple Sheriff’s deputies, fencing, and barricades around the sidewalk.

Maricopa County’s tabulation center for Tuesday’s Primary Election is still ongoing, and they have set up multiple Sheriff’s deputies, fencing, and barricades around the sidewalk to secure the perimeter.

The deputies also said that photography is not allowed on county property. “It’s a County property. You’re not allowed to be taking photographs on County property,” they said.

Reports from the Maricopa County election debacle yesterday show Republican voters in Republican districts were facing serious issues with the integrity of the election. Voters were met with long lines, broken machines, and empty ink cartridges when they went to the polls on Tuesday. Several Republican districts had voters waiting in line for several hours as a result of Katie Hobbs’ incompetence.

Voters who couldn’t use the tabulator, were instructed to put their ballot in “box 3” so that it could be counted at the tabulation center located Downtown Phoenix.

Maricopa County Tabulators are NOT WORKING, Voters Left Disenfranchised

As of this afternoon, 17,000 “box 3” ballots remained to be processed and counted by Maricopa County.

They want us to believe that a solid red state would switch to the Democrat Party in 2020, and then after two years of complete disaster and a wide open border, Democrats would come back and sweep the state.

Multiple sheriff’s cars and deputies were seen on the roof of the tabulation center Tuesday night into Wednesday, in photos. It is not certain if those officers were carrying firearms.

The sidewalk barricades can be seen below.

Penske trucks, which may be carrying ballots, were also seen driving in and out of the election center and unloading.
Penske trucks, which may be carrying ballots, were also seen driving in and out of the election center and unloading.

Though the ballots are still being counted, Maricopa and Pima Counties have released another dump of early mail-in votes. According to reports last night that this gives Democrat Kris Mayes a lead over Abe Hamadeh, as well as slightly increasing Katie Hobbs’ earlier lead by a fraction of a percent.

Hundreds of thousands of votes are still left to be counted in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.

In total, 17,000 votes were fraudulently placed in “box 3,” which is a specific location for ballots that were stuffed on election day. It is anticipated that these votes will almost entirely be from registered Republicans.

It seems as if this number is low in comparison to the amount of people who didn’t vote on election day. Where did all these votes go?

The goal of the other party is to discourage Republican voters by making them wait. this morning, Arizona Secretary of State Nominee Mark Finchem tweeted his demand that the counties in Arizona release their counts.

All residents of Arizona are welcome at the tabulation center to watch these people work peacefully and patriotically.

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