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“Those of You Who Think the Vaccine Kills People Can Use Me as a Test” – Bodybuilding Icon and Author Doug Brignole Passes Away At 63

Doug Brignole cause of death revealed to be from a heart attack as a result of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Iconic bodybuilder and author Doug Brignole has passed away at 63. The cause of death is currently reported to be ‘Heart Attack’, a well know side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Brignole is a huge proponent of mandatory vaccination against COVID. His most recent comments on the safety of vaccines have gone viral online.

“I have enough confidence in the vaccine, based on my research, to get it done,” Brignole reportedly said.

“Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it (at least to yourselves). Better yet, you should admit that you were misled, and tell the world who misled you, so other people can benefit by avoiding those fearmongers.

A week ago, Brignole took to Instagram to give his followers a behind-the-scenes look at his preparations for the 2022 AAU Mr. Universe competition in Las Vegas.

Doug Brignole, a well-known and fantastic bodybuilder who competed in the AAU and NABBA, has died at 63 years old. His successful career spanned more than four decades and included many wonderful accomplishments. The cause of death is not currently known, although there are various theories being circulated on social media platforms.

Known for his proportions and shape rather than size, Doug Brignole was similar to Frank Zane in many ways throughout his bodybuilding career. Brignole had a cerebral approach and was one of the bodybuilders with controversial yet revolutionary ideas. Although he didn’t do common exercises like shoulder presses or stiff leg deadlifts, the 63-year-old still had an excellent training routine. He was preparing to guest pose at the AAU Mr. Universe event taking place in Las Vegas on October 22nd.

After retiring from professional bodybuilding, Doug Brignole worked as an author, fitness expert, and public speaker. He also gave seminars throughout the world in countries such as Japan, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Norway. In addition to this work,, he founded the website dougbrignole.com which promoted his own training routine called the ‘3-Way Split’. This workout focused on training 22 major muscles in three separate workouts with BRIG-20 (Brignole’s 20 most preferred) exercises.

Many believe Brignole’s death was as a result of complications from his vaccination to Covid-19. If you search the internet for “Died suddenly” you will find a plethora of famous people whom have all died as a result off their Covid-19 vaccinations.

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