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EXCITING: Red Heifers Arrive in Israel Ahead of the Third Temple’s Construction

Perfect Red Heifer

The Temple Mount is the only piece of real estate on which so many people from all over the world and religions congregate. Many times, such attraction is good, but it can also be violent and bad at times. There exists, however, a location in Jerusalem that pushes the holy city’s volatility to an entirely new level: the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount is of high religious importance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. It was the site of the First and Second Temples before Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem. This is also where Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead according to Christianity.

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In an exciting development, five perfect red heifers landed in Israel yesterday. According to rabbis and leaders in the Orthodox community, these heifers could be used to reinstate many of the practices of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, even before the 3rd Temple is rebuilt.

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Zac Waller, the Executive Director of HaYovel, was able to attend the red heifer welcoming ceremony at the airport. He was accompanied by a group of Christians and Jews. It is ironic that these cattle have been found and brought to Israel largely through the efforts of a Christian Zionist from Texas.

On site at Ben Gurion airport where four red heifers just arrived from Texas! The Israel Guys

At the welcoming ceremony for the red heifers, members of the Orthodox Jewish community were especially glad to see people from other countries taking part in this important event. They sang and danced, said prayers of thanksgiving, enjoyed a toast with l’chaim (a Hebrew prayer), and blew the shofar (a rams horn used as a musical instrument) to celebrate.

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As the fall season begins in Israel, the contrast between good and evil becomes more apparent. Jews and Christians have been working together to bring the first red heifers to Israel in more than 2,000 years, while those who hate Israel have been making concrete threats to cause riots and violence on the Temple Mount during Rosh Hashanah and other upcoming holidays.

While we are getting closer and closer to the time of salvation, the forces of evil are working hard to disrupt God’s plans and intentions.

The fact that red heifers have been brought to Israel is amazing, and they could potentially be used in the reinstatement of Temple services soon. At the same time, we need to prioritize God’s pick for where His Name should sit – as well as fight for it being a House of Prayer again open for all nations. – Jerusalem (Isaiah 56:7)

We cannot let the enemies of Zion win, no matter our religion or where we come from. This Rosh HaShanah or Sukkot, do your part and go to the Temple Mount so that those who want to see God’s plans destroyed will know for sure that His followers will not let them win this war. If you’re not able to be in Israel, tune in to those who are and pray for Jerusalem’s peace. Pray specifically that the most volatile piece of real estate in the world would soon become a place where light is sent forth from Zion.

As a House of Prayer for all nations, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will one day be resettled in the future. With God’s help, it may be so soon, in our own time.

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